USMLE Step 2 ck guide

It is absolutely possible to score 99 in Step 2 Ck, and you should aim for it. If your aim is 95, your score will be around 90. So it’s always better to have a higher aim. We can assure you that you can succeed in achieving this high score.

Since you have just begun your career avoid frustration and take one step at a time. No doubt you have acquired high IQ after passing Step 1. You are assured of excellent education and life in the United States. Just think how many students in your own country can contemplate of such a possibility.


I shall explain what I did to succeed in Step 2 Ck. I had to sit down for nearly two hours to honestly answer some questions. I switched off my cellphone lest should I be disturbed. I took out my notepad and started writing the answers.

Question no.1 was what my requirement was. Obviously the answer was a score 99 in USMLE Step 2 Ck. Any aberration from this correct answer would entail deviation from your aim. The next question was about the experience that you would get when the goal is achieved. Surely you would celebrate with your pals when you have scored 99 in USMLE Step 2 Ck.

The other usual questions that require your answers are:

What are the hindrances that can cause difficulties in reaching your goal?

What is the timeframe for achieving the target?

What resources are at hand to help achieve your goal?

Who was successful in accomplishment of the goal and can be emulated by you as a role model?


Prepare the timetable and plan for achieving your goal on your notepad and write down on it your honest and detailed answers to the above questions. Whatever is your native language, go on writing for above ½ hour. At the end, read aloud what you have written. Or you can go to the seashore and read the answers aloud there. Make sure to read them first thing in the morning and last thing in the night. Being obsessed with your aim will help you to achieve it with ease. You will be comfortable with no problems in studying hard.

Take the Kaplan Q book and begin with memorization of the first fifty pages. There you will find the ideal ways to how to be organized for the exam and how to respond to various questions. The best method to study medicine as well as other subjects is to ask yourself these questions before you begin reading the book:

Why do I read this book?

For whose purpose do I read this book?


Your answers would elaborate about your patients. Main points from a single of line from the text can help in saving the patient’s life. Subsequently you will be induced to read more and gather the meanings of every line in the Kaplan textbook.


You should read medicine and then pediatrics for twelve days each during the revision, beginning with the CVS chapter in each subject. This will help you save time and energy. For the first five days the O&G is to be read, followed by Surgery for three days and Psychiatry/Behavioral Sciences for four days. You can complete a set of revisions in twenty-four days in this manner.

During this period you should access the website and begin to answer all the questions listed therein. Don’t leave out any one question. Continue your studies with USMLE sample CD (can be obtained from ECFMG), Kaplan Q book (10-12 blocks), and Question bank (10-12 blocks). Once again don’t leave out any question.

So, all these materials are required for a 99 score in USMLE Step 2 CK:

Kaplan Q book and Q bank of
USMLE sample CD
Harrison’s Text Book of Internal Medicine with hematology/dermatology slides
Photos from First Aid book

During the last ten to twelve days don’t try to first answer the questions; you should devote your time on reading the texts several times. Regular intake of Vitamin B-complex will guard against Wernicke’s encephalopathy. Then you can find answers for the USMLE CD and the Kaplan simulated. After this you can devote two to three days for each subject. You need not read some textbook other than Kaplan and resist the impulse to read other books. Surely you will get to know all the correct answers. It is better to make a note of the points in Kaplan that you can’t recall from memory, such as pediatric guidelines, leukemia, AIDS infection, etc. Don’t read new text in the last three days. Just go through what you have taken down in your notepad earlier. You may need memorization of some topics in CNS, hematology and Renal system, and a quick revision of these topics is advised. Find answers for the USMLE CD once more in the two days before the exam and also view the pictures in Harrison.

One day before the test, you can have some entertainment or fun. You can go for a movie, a body massage, or a haircut, and have some relaxation. Don’t sleep in the afternoon or you will lose sleep in the night before the test. It’s better do some exercise like walking, etc. In the morning you should read the fifty pages at the start of the Kaplan Q book where you will find how the USMLE questions should be answered. Don’t read any text on the day before the test; check your id and orange card.

The night before the test, before going to the bed, imagine yourself to be at the exam hall and answering the papers. Think that you will do well as you know the right answers. Read something that can motivate you so that get up with a positive attitude in the morning, refreshed and all ready to face your exam.

Take some bottles of energy drinks with you to provide quick energy. You can also take along a few jam sandwiches or some sweet items to provide you with sugar sufficient to supply your brain with energy. Let your breakfast contain some apples, as these are a source of stimulation, and better than coffee or tea. Also two Vitamin B-complex capsules need to be taken. If you are a coffee or tea drinker, take it along too. Once again check your id and orange card. Now you may invoke the blessings of the Almighty, your elders and your well wishers. When you’re at the exam venue, breathe deeply and relax before the commencement of the exam. Wash your face with water at the toilet so that you’re fresh.

When entered the exam hall, don’t rush to answer the questions. Insert the earplugs in your ears and write on your pad that you will be doing your very best. Now you’ve gained confidence and you can start with the tutorial of the test. You can’t skip it, but continue to press the NEXT button. When it’s over you can type your CIN number in the required field and the exam will begin.

Read very carefully and proceed with the test. Have patience and take the test as if you’re playing a game. Remember, it’s important that you should be enjoying the test.

As each of the blocks is passed over note it on your pad. When you’re through with 4 or 5 blocks, you can have a light meal. Now you have done almost 70% of your exam. As you complete each block, try to write some good points about yourself on the pad. This is one of my secrets which I actually did in my test.

Should you need any help feel free to contact me. I’m sure you all will do your best at the test and anyone can reach a 99 score just because all of us are doctors. I wish good luck to all of you.

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