Top 5 Social Media Sites for Physicians

Social media has become increasingly popular over the last decade. Though the majority of available social media websites cater to an audience that use it for personal relationships, certain social websites can be used as an invaluable tool for healthcare professionals. Below are the top 5 social media websites for physicians.

QuantiaMD — This social media site offers video presentations (in Power Point format) created for doctors in educational institutions, private practices or community hospitals. The presentations cover a wide range of medical topics and include discussions, commentaries and real life cases. Below each video is a forum for clinicians to ask and/or answer questions related to each presentation. QuantiaMD also offers a section entitled, “Cases and Challenges” that provides members an enjoyable opportunity to test their medical knowledge and the chance to compete against other members within the network.

Ozmosis — Described as a social network where “good doctors go to become great doctors,” Ozmosis is unique in that it also verifies that each member is a licensed physician practicing in the United States. Each member on the site is identified by their real name, credentials and their confirmed specialty area. The benefit of using Ozmosis is knowing that contributions and connections are created in a network of verified and trusted professionals.

GooglePlus — or Google+, is probably the most recognizable social media site on this list. In contrast to some of the other websites that are featured, anyone from the public is able to join. However, thanks to, the Google Circles feature, a physician can separate contacts into personal and professional relationships. Unlike the ever so popular Facebook, where a member’s messages are displayed for all contacts to see, the Google + user is able to designate separate broadcasts for different contact groups. With a simple click, a doctor can effortlessly create a post and choose to share it with his family and friends, or colleagues at the hospital.

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Sermo — Sermo claims to be the “largest online physician community in the US” with over 120,000 networking members covering 68 specialties. Much like Ozmosis, Sermo is another social networking site exclusively for MDs and DOs in the United States. Due to the vast member base in the Sermo community and by using the feature called Curbsides, a user will have no trouble finding colleagues for advice on difficult patient cases or locating a discussion on specific medical topics.

doc2doc — This site is comprised of a professional networking community of student doctors, residents, interns and physicians from around the world. Doc2doc offers forums, discussions and blogs where doctors can meet with colleagues and discuss clinical and non-clinical interests. What sets this social media website apart from the rest is that it encourages doctors to educate themselves about international medical practices by connecting them with physicians from different parts of the globe.

Social media benefits the physician by means of acquiring knowledge from colleagues in the same field or by offering the physician the ability to connect, start professional relationships and share ideas and stories with doctors with similar interests and lifestyles. In the end, the knowledge gained through social media not only benefits the well-being of patients, but it also creates a progressive community of smarter and better connected doctors.

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