The Role and Life of a Medical Student

There could be millions of reason why you want to be a medical student. It could be a simple childhood dream or their parent’s. One might say it is a high paying job, an honorable and reputable profession or it could be brought by strong will to take care of others and be of service Above all these underlying motivations to be a medical student, a very remarkable purpose to be proud of is saving lives.

The role and life of a student taking up medicine offers a lot of challenges on a road that leads to an enlightening and fulfilling destination. It could also be a world of the “too much”. Too much time to spend in front of gigantic books, there were long hours of duties and no time to sleep. One’s social life drops down to zero and totally forgets what it means to have a good time. One never had the time to date normally, it is always a date with medical paperwork. Family members cannot reach their favorite son, because the only emergency call he respond to is the call within the hospital. Eating and drinking becomes own secret luxuries. There are too much legal responsibilities, professional behavior, and clinical malpractice to be cautious about. It demands complete obligation in all aspects. There had been a survey where medical students expressed their struggle on their chosen roles in life. The conclusion of this certain study comes in three classification of professional distress. These are emotional exhaustion, depersonalization, and very low confidence on personal accomplishments. As these medical students advance to higher level, the probability of stress also increases. The impediments to academic performance were daily dose of frustration, competition that is inevitable, and students always suffer from endless anxiety. Similarly, depression and some other mental health concerns are present.

With all these rough encounters in a medical student’s life, they still convey the biggest role in terms of caring for the society which makes the entire journey gratifying. To keep oneself in perspective, one should remember that to take care of someone else’s life, you have to take care of yourself first. Medical students play a vital role in the life of every patient who is in need of their service. They must always observe safety guidelines and health development. In a medical student’s life, there always comes a time of total burn-out, a distinct moment of yearning to quit.

Finally, even though the entire process demands endless commitment and energy. When the opportunity to take the role in curing diseases, easing pains and saving one’s life comes, all the hardship will absolutely be eliminate. In a medical student’s life, one can say the end justifies the means.

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