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Heart Anatomy video Part 1


Heart Anatomy video Part 1


How to study Anatomy & Physiology

The study of human Anatomy and Physiology (A&P) spreads across wide range of topics rendering exhaustive information to its reader. However, if one tries to learn or study this exhaustive subject without adequate skills or a proper mode, he could find

himself lost in the maze. Although this is true, one does not have to go overboard by quitting

his job or giving up on sleep or even curtailing his social life for engaging in the study of A&P.

It is true that the study of A&P would get you exposed to an extensive range of more than 2,001 body parts, which if desired to be studied or learnt would virtually appear indeed very tedious. But that’s not all true. An exhaustive subject such as A&P requires adoption of a certain discipline for its study. Although reading through the subject of A&P would seemingly appear relatively easy, learning of the same certainly requires one to adopt a certain method or discipline. Thus, it is of no wonder as to why man

y people complain of failing in A&P in spite of claiming to have studied the subject for over 20 hours. This in fact should be a good example to depict that the study of A&P requires quality rather than quantity, wherein quantity being  often related to the number of hours spent by one claiming to have studied this exhaustive subject. This is the very reason why one is required to get himself engaged in the subject of A&P, so as to render effectiveness in his learning process. Mere reading the subject of A&P could at most be correlated with mere indulging, rather than engaging oneself in its learning process.  As such, READING A&P SHOULD CERTAINLY NOT BE CONSTRUED TO BE LEARNING IT! Reading denotes passive learning, which makes very little sense unless one gets practicality embodied in the study of A&P. Learning, to me,  is something which engages one’s brain to allow the material or content to be imbibed within, which is exactly what is required in the study of A&P. For the sake of simplifying, Reading and learning of A&P are as diverse and distinct as knowing how to drive a car and actually getting behind the wheel to drive it!

This article attempts to help those who want to study or learn this otherwise exhaustive subject of A&P. In doing so

, there are some pointers fairly articulated to enhance the learning process of A&P, as follows.

1. Read the chapter

Reading should be optimally combined with learning. Thus, the study of A&P should commence with one reading the subject, even before imbibing or learning of it. In doing so, refrain from unnecessary highlighting.

2. Outline or summarize the subject

Instead of rewriting the whole chapter, it is advisable for one to keep focus on key concepts and in the study of A

&P. Grouping of these key concepts or ideas would help one in summarizing the subject better. One could use designs, colors or anything which would aid one in associating with A&P with ease.

3. Use Flashcards for definitions

By putting the main term on the front and the definition on the back, you could prepare a Flashcard which would ena
4. Teach and show what you have learntble you to remember most of the terms in the study of A&P. For more information on how efficiently to make Flashcards, refer to http://www.flashcardmachine.com/a-p1.html

This has similarity in the statement ‘Practice what you Preach.’ So without wasting any time in reading all what you have learnt once again, it would help you better if you teach the same to someone else. I am sure that the content of A&E would echo in your ears and mind more firmly by doing this. It is a proven fact that teaching helps one retain 70 % of what is learnt. Going a step ahead, showing someone would in fact help you retain 90% of your learned content. So go ahead, and flaunt it!

5. Taking help from ‘You Tube’

In today’s times of fast paced internet medium, it won’t hurt if you use any interactive visual medium such as ‘You Tube’ to enhance your learning process on A&P. As it is said, ‘Seeing is Believing.’ Indeed.

6. My AandP.com

This website is from the publisher himself, which combines quizzes, flashcards along with a unique section PAL 2.0. PAL
7. Practice makes you Perfect 2.0 is purely designed to endow practicality for the study of anatomy. This section aids in RECALLING as well as sharing of views by the students on the discussion boards.  Access for this website can be purchased for around $35.

That is right! Once you imbibe content, you have to practice it again, and again, and again until it gets mastered. A tedious task which ought to be carried out with utmost discipline. For understanding how to do it, refer to http://nhscience.lonestar.edu/biol/ap1int.htm.

8. Recalling Anatomy through Martini’s Atlas of the Human Body

An older version of this is available on Amazon and can be optimally used in recalling the anatomy.

9. Memorizing anatomy

Repetition is definitely the key.  One has to engage in the act of using word roots, making use of mnemonics, writing down the difficult words, and such other ways of connecting with the subject better. This could also include using one’s own experiences or use of picture-word tally in one’s association process with the subject.

10. Using your time constructively

As such, you have to practice recalling all that what you have learnt or imbibed.  Recall the info can be easily done more constructively rather than cramming the entire chapter in a row. However, you have to use the time constructively to your advantage, by drawing a step by step plan, effectively and efficiently!


11. iPod A&P Application

For only as mere as $1.99, this app should help you in the study process of A&P better.

12. Be Flexible

Not moving around can make you static, which could ultimately reflect on your brain! Hence, refrain from sitting in one place for hours at a stretch. Taking a break would enrich your study and render more flexibility in your learning of A&P.

Apart from the aforesaid pointers, what is equally important is your inner voice. You have to be honest w
Reasoning is the most significant part underlined in every study. Likewise, in the study of A&P, if you cith yourself first to understand that the knowledge learnt or imbibed has to be on permanent basis. Which is why, you have to know that every piece of information is relevant and cannot be sidelined at any time. You ought to demonstrate a strong character by depiction of a tough mindset coupled with utmost confidence, well supported by faith in yourself! You have to realize your potential and release it efficiently to your benefit, in the process of studying A&P.


ould reason as to why you have joined a class, or what you are exactly striving for, it could render you a more focus approach in the study of A&P. You ought to know how badly you want to learn the exhaustive, wide spread study of A&P. You also have to know that it is important to strive for learning the same, as if you do not, someone else will. So believe in yourself, understand the completive environment around, master your approach, and go for it!