Process and Tips for Applying Residency

There is lot of information on web about USMLE Exam and Residency Program. Here is to 10 tips for those who don’t have time to waste.

1. Apply on time. If possible be ready to apply on first date when application are accepted.

2. For every 10 Residency Position, normally hospitals and universty hospitals gets 120 – 130 applications.
3. Interview dates varies hospital by hospital, be aware of that.

4. Candidates for interiew are selected on First Come – First Served basis.
5. Hospital send invitation Letters to SELECTED Candidates, one factor in selection is timing.
6. Once enogh/targeted number of Candidates accepts Interview. Hospital close interview invitations.
7. Unless large number of candidate cancel their interview, no interview invitation being send after the close date.
8. Plan ahead for interview dates. Don’t pick dates to close to eah other.
9. Keep enough time margin between arriving in interview place and your interview. There is very little chance or almost no chance you will get any favor if you missed interview date or time.
10. Wear Decent, look sharp on your interview.

Good luck all Residency Candidates

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