My Experiences In USMLE Step 3

Right! Here it goes!

Had my exams for two days January 16th and 17th. My results came out last week.

Prep. Time – 2 weeks.

Books – None. No time for books.

Other than books material used – UW CCS cases and UW Multiple Choice Questions. No time to complete the UW questions. Answered about 800 or 900 questions; all in timed mode. Got an average score of 58%.

Went through the UW cases once. Tried the five practice cases so many times that I’ve lost count. Learnt how to use the Primum software and tried out a few UW cases on it.

NBME – Tried it out for the sake of trying it out. Got a decent score of 420.

Right! Now for the real thing. Very hectic day one. Very long questions. Lots of them in Geriatrics. Patients on multiple drug and with some 60 or 7 diagnoses. Usually these questions would test issues of drug interaction or ethics.

Some of the questions were straightforward some were ambiguous. I’d say that on an average, I’d be sure of some 60% of the questions for each block and sort of sure for about 10 to 20%. No inkling of the rest.

Lots of pictures of skin – some easy, some indistinguishable. Dermatology questions were tough as the history of the patients were vague.

There were only a few X-Rays and just a sole EKG.

Questions seem to be in the UW pattern though whether they were similar or not is quite difficult to say.

The second day moved like lightning. But a block of questions out of the 36 was singularly hard. Can’t say if I was fagged out or otherwise. Couldn’t really concentrate in the final block. Just wanted to finish the whole thing and walk out. Felt smothered.

CCS cases – Just snapped through it. Eight minutes per case, no more. Fact is, the last one lasted only 4 min. All the patients recovered. First case was a failure. Couldn’t figure it out. Even took 20 min. Just didn’t recover.

Final Score was 86%. Couldn’t be better satisfied.

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