How to pass MRCP UK part 1 exam

mrcp uk exam is a huge step in your medical career and it is a difficult exam only if you did not prepare well and it is actually very passable and straightforward  exam if you know how to prepare for it and used the right tools  here is some tips

1- give your self good time for preparation say 4 to 6 months if you are not so busy or 8 to 10 month if are a busy doctor and don’t have ample free time for preparation

2- concentrate your initial reading efforts on philip kalra book (essential revision notes for mrcp) and OXFORD HANDBOOK OF CLINICAL MEDICINE these 2 books in my opinion combined with easterbrook book for basic science is more than enough to study for mrcp uk part 1  and the most important thing you have to notice is that you have to buy the latest editions of these books as you are required to have the latest knowledge  about diagnosis and management not more 18 months before the actual exam date and as for bigger textbooks like kumar and davidson you can resort to it from time to time to clarify some points only.

3- subscribe to one or two online mrcp revision courses and the best ones in my opinion is and pastest courses which have a huge question bank containing thousands of multiple choice questions that covers all aspects of mrcp curriculum  and every question is followed by good explanation and the good thing is many questions is taken from previous exams of MRCP UK part1   and both courses are much better and more comprehensive than all best of five questions books you can find in the market today which is mostly not related directly to questions you will actually have in the real exam

4- in the exam day don’t arrive at exam center so early  i mean like 2 hours or something and don’t discuss exam wi

th any other candidate either before the exam or in-between paper one and paper 2 as this will only increase your nervousness.

here is some useful websites

mrcp uk exam official website

pastest course

onexamination course

good luck for all  MRCP UK part 1 candidates.

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