how to get through Your Residency Matching

Some Extra Help to Get You through Your Residency Matching


These tips that I am sharing with you have been based on my own

experience and I hope they will help you with your residency matching.


The score value

Don’t base all your hopes for a successful match just based on your

scores. My score ended in the low 90’s.  I am going to tell you about

contacts a little later, which is going to be an important part of your

matching goals. With this score, I still was successful with a match at

Univ. Hospital on h1 medicine.


How important is your visa?

This is really important. Preferences can be 5% behind you with the green

card. Its gets better though when you are able to produce something more

supportive as well. I had my externship to rely on.



The best contacts

As I mentioned before, regarding scores, that contacts were going to be

important too. In my case, I relied on my reco. letter writer to contact

various programs on my behalf. However, I made the choice of who to

contact and did not rely entirely on his choices. There is always the

possibility that if you have a program contact, they might be able to

get you in for an interview. This is not something that should be

relied upon though. You also have to keep in mind that even with the

interviews it doesn’t mean it’s a sure thing.


I made a concentrated effort on applying at multiple places for just

observership and ended up getting a sub internship.


You will find handy references here on this website. You can do this on a

b1 visa. Although as I said it’s not a requirement, but it is impressive

as an extra if you do a job that’s well done. I won’t be able to answer PM for

observership leads. I am only familiar with the ones that you will find

on the site. You can email pcs for all the programs. The email id

for this is in freida and eras.



Don’t underestimate program research!

Don’t settle just for the minimum program requirements. Do your

homework and research what you can about each program. I found out

afterwards that although some of the programs only indicate 1 year use

that they will still call for an interview.


Looking for Personal statements

This is something you just are not going to get. I tried for three

months and was interviewed by many people, but they will not provide

personal statements.


Don‘t slack off

Keep yourself involved in your work. You need to keep in touch with

your patients in order to build your confidence. If you do this it will help

when you have to respond to the medical questions during your

interview. Stay busy no matter whether you are in your homeland or

outside your country.


Proper Presentation

This is really one of the most important areas in order to achieve your goal.

During your interview, how you perform is going to be scrutinized. Be

sure that you portray yourself as being confident but not to the point

of being arrogant. Smile and be pleasant. It doesn’t matter whether you

consider the program to be a bad one, do not voice this when you are

there or use derogatory language. We must remember that we are there as

guests and need to present ourselves professionally. The host should

not be uneasy with our presence. Be sure you are prepared for the

medical questions that you will be confronted with.


Be respectful

I have often found that in my case anyway with some of my countrymen

that they arrive in America with a poor attitude. They want to be

created equally but will often imagine discrimination that is not

present. This does not seem to be an appropriate approach in a Country

that is giving us an opportunity to further our goals. Making

comparisons to the natives of this country should not be the priority.


Some individuals will make the mistake of talking about their most

favored programs when at an interview. All this does is indicate to the

present interviewer that the applicant is not interested in the program

they are offering. It doesn’t hurt to have some supporting documentation

with you on the chance the interviewer asks for it though.


Your attitude towards your friends will go a long way to helping you

achieve your goals. Jealousy is not something that should be part of

your mandate. Sharing and cooperating with each other can only serve to

benefit everyone.


Show your appreciation

Be sure to show your appreciation with writing thank you letters and

perhaps sending Christmas cards. You want to be courteous but not

overbearing either. You want to stay in touch with the program but not

to the point of being a nuisance.



Hope some of this information helps you along your way.


Best of luck to you!!

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