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Recommended General Surgery Books for medical students

I. Good reference and reading book, recommended for junior students:

1) Essentials of General Surgery, by Peter Lawrence: This book provides a synopsis for junior medical students on surgical clerkship. It covers all major topics in surgery and, overall, it is considered a good book to read from cover to cover (approximately 400 pages). It includes a glossary and some chapters discuss major advances in the field. $39.00. 

2) Current Surgical Diagnosis and Treatment, by Lawrence W. Way: This is an excellent book, currently on its 11th edition (1996). It was originated at the University of California, San Francisco, with more than 85 contributors. It focuses on all diseases managed by surgeons and it is an outstanding reference for junior & senior medical students, residents, and practitioners. It is more difficult to read from cover to cover (approx. 700 pages) but it provides a more in depth review of subjects, covering many aspects frequently asked on board part I & II exams. Highly recommended. $42.00.

3) General Surgery, by Ritchie P. Wallace: From Temple University, this is a book that concentrates on the clinical presentation, diagnostic studies, and common surgical procedures. It is concise, two-color textbook for medical students that addresses the essential clinical conditions treated by general surgeons. Approx. 970 pages. $154.00.

4) The Student’s Textbook of Surgery, by William M. Rambo From the Medical University of South Carolina, this book was written with the junior medical student in mind. With only 350 pages, it covers all the essentials of general surgery, easy to read and understand. Highly recommended as an introduction to surgery. $40.00.

5) Essential Surgery: Problems, Diagnosis, and Management, by George H Burkitt: Concise surgery synopsis for medical students. Approx. 740 pages. Uses a problem-based approach. Includes outlines of major procedures, discussion of minimally invasive surgery. $49.95.

6) Basic Surgery, by Hiram C Polk, Jr.: From the Univ. of Louisville. An introductory text for medical students on the assessment, diagnosis, treatment, and postoperative care of the surgical patient. New topics include managed care and indications for referral. 89 contributors. Approx. 1,000 pages. $48.00.

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Internal Med Residency 1

Medical Student’s Guide to Surgery


Welcome to your Surgery Clerkship! This rotation can be one of the most memorable experiences of your third year. This may be the only chance you will ever have to see such things as a liver transplant, open-heart surgery, a laparoscopic gastric bypass, a trauma, or even an appendectomy. It can be an unbelievable experience, but we also recognize that it can be quite intimidating. With this guide, we hope to unlock the mystery of surgery and give you some tips on how to excel on this rotation. Continue reading