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AMC Clinical exam

Assessing one’s clinical skills with the use of stations can be termed as the clinical component in determining the composition of the AMC Exam. This exam comprises of clinical scenarios, in which one will have to accomplish several tasks mostly generic in nature, followed by history taking and proceeding as the instructions suggests.

On the whole there are 20 stations in the exam, from which only four are rest stations, so as to make your actual assessment on the basis of only 16 stations. For moving your next station, you would have barely 2 minutes to do so before the sound by a bell, followed by reading of printed information on the outside of the door.

After the sound of the bell you will have to complete your task within a period of 8 minutes, with your overall assessment being based on the basis of several levels of difficulty.

Testing of your Emergency Skills and degree of emergent presentation

Your clinical competency or your deepest urge for playing as serious role in pathology will solely depend on the clinical evaluation or assessment.

– So all you ought to do is to make a call or ask for it by communicating your concerns, even though you face a refusal

admitting someone to hospital in for observation is not wrong nor is it unethical, however, you would be deemed to have erred and thus be failed if you have sent someone home who deserved to be admitted to the hospital.

Communication assessment for determining your sensitivity index

Irrespective of how well you could possibly communicate or how profound you may be in spoken and written English, the assessment in AMC exam focuses to discover your ability to work amongst the Australian population as an OTD.

That if you have be frank with a patient to tell him or her about contracting one of the most dreaded disease such as cancer, you can carry it of easily with subtle communication, crisp inferences, and all such elements wherein the patient gets to know the exact  facts with no discrepancies whatsoever.

Cultural differences

The assessment through AMC exam would enable you to understand cultural standards as well as Australian norms better and broader minded in depiction of the facts, even if this means speaking about sex to a 16 year old girl. So as to say, the AMC exam will help you tackle the cultural differences, if any, with utmost sense of professionalism instilled in you.

Handling difficult situations

Likewise, you will be better known of the rights of the Australian patients which you can pay adherence to in times of difficulties or while facing difficult situations, especially where you have to refuse treatment to a patient.

Understanding of the Australian Health Care

Knowing Australian Health Care as it is would be garnered from the AMC assessment much better than through anything else.  Also, it enable you reassess your beliefs in several institutions with more clarity so as to help you distinguish between the facilities at a rural hospital from a tertiary centre in the city. Likewise, your beliefs in the need of any expert urgent medical treatment required would be reinstated, to aid you in making a decision for using Royal Flying Doctors for flying unwell patients out of the rural hospital or in any other similar situation.