Answers to Medial MCQS 1

Answers to Medial MCQS 1



2- The correct answer is C
The VATER association is a grouping of complex anomalies which is comprised of congenital abnormalities of many systems. At least 3 or more of these following anomalies must be present for a child to be diagnosed as having VATER association : Vertebral defect i.e., hemi-vertebra, sacral agenesis. Isaac has an extra vertebra in his neck and seven hemi-vertebra (half formed) in his upper back. Anorectal malformation or imperforate anus. Isaac had no anal opening when he was born. Dr. Morgan actually created one, through a series of surgeries this year. Tracheoesophageal fistula. AND Esophageal atresia with or without TE (tracheoesophageal) fistula. Renal anomalies. Some children are born with one kidney or other renal deformities. Isaac had a lower intestine connection to his renal system. Radial dysplasia or aplasia. Isaac is missing his left radial. (One of the bones in his forearm.)


3-Correct answer is B


4- Correct answer is A


5-Correct answer is B


6- Correct answer is B


7-Correct answer is B


8- Correct answer is D


9- Correct answer is B


10- Correct answer is B


11- Correct answer is E


12-Correct answer is A


13-Correct answer is B


14- Correct answer is E


15- Correct answer is A


16- Correct answer is D


17-Correct answer is D


18-Correct answer is C


19-Correct answer is 3


20-Correct answer is B

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