How to pass MRCP UK part 2 written exam

Hello to all MRCP hopefuls out there. I’ve decided to share with you my experience while studying and sitting for the written portion of the MRCP part 2 exam.

I luckily managed to not only pass the MRCP part 2 exam my very first time sitting for it, but to also achieve a respectable score of about 68%. To put this into perspective, the passing score is 55%. I also managed to achieve this score with only 4 months worth of studying. Here is some of advice based on my own personal experience:

1-What to Read:

At the top of the list of required reading material for the MRCP part II exam is none other than the Oxford Handbook for Clinical Medicine. From my point of view, this book is one of the absolute best books you can use to prepare for MRCP exams as a whole, whether you’re studying for part 1 or part 2. This book actually contains the keys needed to answer many of the exams’ questions. However, it does have a disadvantage, which is its large size that can make it different to memorize for many.

Essential Revision Notes: Of utmost importance for both parts of the MRCP exam. These notes are written in a manner that facilitates memorization and focuses on the key subjects that examiners seem to prefer. Unfortunately, these notes contain a considerable amount of inaccuracies and can’t be considered very up-to-date, particularly when it comes to latest updates in treatment and diagnosis so always keep an eye on other more updated sources when you are reading from this book
Complete Data interpretation of the MRCP: An excellent group of books with phenomenal interpretations.
Radiology for MRCP 2: It is important to realize that approximately 15-20% of the written portion of the MRCP part 2 exam consists of picture-based questions. Over half of these are radiology related, ranging in variety from x-rays to CT scans and even MRI or ISOTOPE SCAN questions. Radiology books in general are rather difficult to study and understand. This book however is easy to comprehend and will help you a tackle a weakness many MRCP candidates seem to have.

Rapid Review of Clinical Medicine for MRCP : Part 2:

While I may not have personal experience using this book in particular, it is highly regarded by many MRCP candidates. It is even considered by many as the most essential book needed to pass the written portion of MRCP part 2 exam. In fact, some of my own personal colleagues have relied solely on this book and have managed to achieve impressive results.

2- Online Tuition Courses:

Recently, online MRCP courses have seen an increased interest for all sorts of candidates. In fact, I personally consider the importance of these courses to be greater than the importance of all the books I’ve mentioned combined. Unlike books which set their limits at 200-300 questions per book, using online courses you will be exposed to an incredibly large bank of questions usually around 2000 to 3000 mcqs. Therefore, these courses will give you a much greater opportunity to study and practice. A second advantage these courses give you is the ability to track your progress compared to other candidates and thus they will help you define the areas where your knowledge needs to be fortified. Never underestimate the importance of the great variety of questions offered by these courses, as MRCP part 2 exams tend to repeat these questions whether with or without modification over the years.
My experience with not one, but two of these courses has been extremely positive. These online courses were onexamination and pastest, with the former offering more in terms of questions likely to appear in the exam.

3- With regards to the picture-based questions in the exam, it is advisable to take advantage of the variety of free medical atlases available online, such as dermatlas that offers several thousand photos you can study. However, it is also advisable not to invest too big a portion of your time in this task because compared to the written questions, picture-based questions pertaining to either radiology or ECG are a minority and answering them doesn’t always depend on having an accurate understanding of the pictures.

4- Last but not least is time management. Proper time management is essential to your success and can make or break your chances of getting though the MRCP part 2 exam. You have to keep in mind that most of the questions are long and take time to answer but you should never take too much time answering a single question while neglecting others. I had to deal with this issue myself and while I ran out of time answering the first paper, I managed to stay afloat for the following two papers by saving the most complicated questions for the very end.

I wish you the best of luck and I hope that sharing my experience will provide future candidates with some important tips to pass the MRCP part 2 exam.

Thank you.

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