3 Things Which Should Be Done Before Taking USMLE Step 1 and Step 2

The truth is that no matter how hard you study, you will always feel that there is something left and that you are just not ready to face the exams. More so if the exam happens to be the USMILE Step 1 or Step 2 exams! But don’t worry, as the following has 3 signs which will tell you that you are well prepared and good enough to sit for the tests! So here goes:

1. You have gone and completed at least one question bank and know everything in it quite well. If this is your study status, you are well prepared to face the dreaded exam. A lot of students spend their time doing the same question banks over and over again. While this may be partly fruitful, a better strategy would be to read the questions in the banks very carefully and take notes in the way of preparing the answers. This way, at the end of finishing a question bank, you will have a good notebook of notes to study from.

2. Trying the NBME tests is important to know how well prepared you are to sit for the USMILE exams. This is also a very important way to understand whether or not you are fit to get yourself into a tough specialty. If you see yourself scoring high you will know that you are well and good. But to be sure, take your NBME test again. If both the time you see that you have scored as high as you expected, then you are guaranteed to be ready to sit for your board exams. The NBME tests will give you an idea about the topics you can expect to encounter in your USMILE exam papers and will also endow you with a confidence of sitting in a real exam.

3. Have you got a good study guide book for yourself? Do you find yourself keeping it all the time and trying to know by heart all the high yield information it contains? A study guide book is something you just cannot ignore to invest in when you are preparing for the USMILE exams. Though the study guide should not the only thing you master, it is important. The information that a good study guide book will give you will make you stand out among your counterparts.

It is a good idea to spend some time with a pro before giving any type of exam.

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